FAQ - UniQ Rewards

How do Rewards work?

Rewards is the BoutiQ giving back to their customers.  When you purchase items, you get rewarded. When you're close to having a birthday, you will receive a gift of points just for being a customer!

Collect these points and use them to discount your next purchase! After all, who doesn't like to save money?



Is UniQ Rewards account different from Lidia's UniQ BoutiQ account?

In order to receive points you must have an account for the rewards. Keep in mind the account is separated from Lidia's UniQ BoutiQ account, but also connected through the store. 

  • Lidia's UniQ BoutiQ account: account where you can see your previous orders, prices, tracking numbers, etc.
  • UniQ Rewards: focuses on points earned from the customer.

Click the yellow price tag on the bottom right corner of the screen to open up the rewards tab.  Sign up and automatically receive 200 points. 



How to Receive UniQ points?

In order to receive points you must have an account for the rewards.

  • Sign up for UniQ Rewards = 200 points
  • Spend $1 = 5 points
  • Like on Facebook = 100 points
  • Birthday = 200 points (Must sign up at least 31 days prior to receive) 
  • Review a product = 5 points (these points are added manually after.  Will be added within 24hrs)



Redeem UniQ points?

Simple as pie!  Before checkout open the yellow tab on the lower right corner. Click redeem. You will receive a discount code.  Copy and paste this code at checkout. 

Watch how you save!!

  • 150 points = 1 dollar 




Invite a friend to the page, when they make their first purchase. You receive $10 reward and they receive a $10 reward for their next purchase.

Click on the yellow tab on the right bottom of the screen. Scroll down the tiny page and you will see "referrals".  Every account has a unique link that directs their first to the home screen.  Be sure your friend orders from that link & be rewarded!




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