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Why did I Began my Own BoutiQ?

I have always loved shopping for low price, but it can be difficult to find good products & prices. So, I have developed my own UniQ BoutiQ with all of my favorite styles without BREAKING THE BANK! It should not cost a fortune to feel good in your wardrobe. Check out our sales for better prices!! 



Feeling Good in Your Own Skin!

I have always been uncomfortable in my own skin. I have been a dancer since high school and I have always been the "larger" gal. It took me almost 2 months to take photos and post about our new merchandise!! I was VERY UNCOMFORTABLE about "modeling" for my boutique and almost used the photos given to me with my wholesale purchase.  I had to suck it up! Thanks to my husband, the photographer, always made me feel beautiful in the outfits I put together.  My friends & co-workers also keep my confidence up! I am now a proud Latina who loves being in my own skin!  :D